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Hello Dear One,

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YOGA-STRENGTH-FLOW ~ Signature Class

With Shannon~

Owner, CYA-200RYT/60 + 75 minute classes

Come on in + grab your spot! Our classes will explore the physical & mindful SELF. Although classes contain aspects of strengthening, lengthening + stretching the physical body ~ our classes will challenge you to find this space within the spirit body too. Put your “To-Do List” on hold, connect in with your SELF.

Explore conventional asanas (Hatha), thru ease and powerful Flow inspired connection with the breath. Modifications for beginners + opportunity to dig deeper to explore the pose/flow with more strength/flexibility/balance.

Trust that you can do this! xo

With Liza~

Buti Yoga, 60 min sesh

Come explore your sexy and saucy yoga flow. Tribal beats and the desire to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE, your shiz off your Body, Mind, and Joy centre is the optimal gain of taking this class.

Buti class is a FAN FAVE on our schedule and we are so excited for you to try it + make it part of your fitness/wellness/momma time!

“No Judgement, JUST LOVE”. LW

With Danielle~

Restorative OR Active Meditation, 60 min experience

Restorative Yoga is the juicy space you land when you are needing to trust your body again (for the first time). I love this class - its gentle yet deeply rewarding. Its for our most sensitive beginner - PLEASE tell your teacher about your aches and pains - we are here to support you xo

Active Meditation is Danielle’s signature class. It combines yoga, breath work, and meditation. It has allowed her to reach deep and heal spaces from her past. This guided space will help you step out of the monkey mind and JUST BE WITH YOUR SELF. This class is a treat for the body - mind - and soul sistah!

With Kim~

Gentle Yoga, 60 min sesh

Kim is our softest soul, and her class is perfect for the beginner + BEYOND! Let’s face it, everyone needs to begin somewhere. Land yourself within this class and Kim will treat your spirit to a gentle yet rewarding stretch.

A word on what to expect at HH&H Yoga Studio


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Arrive 10 minutes early. Doors will be open a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your session.

Bring a mat if you have one, if not we have a few loaners. Let us know in advance so we can make your experience is fabulous! I would suggest for you to bring a water bottle. When possible, avoid plastic bottles in the studio, please ~ thanks**(ask Management for more information if you like to discuss)

If you have your own props, feel free to bring them. I love props and use them often in our classes. But sometimes, its just nice having your own stuff, right? I have enough props for a full studio, but want you to know it’s okay to bring your most loved yoga gear.

Please do not have your phones on during class, unless you are an Emergency Service Personnel, please + thanks again. If there is some reason you shouldn’t be on your mat, it’s best to allow yourself to disconnect + allow others to as well. Namaste (welcome, thank you, an Indian endearment that recognizes the light/good in all of you), dear One.

At the end of my class, I am going to OM and say Namaste. We are just experiencing the vibration of the Universe in each other’s energy. Don’t be too shy to feel the vibration too.

And lastly - PLEASE BOOK YOUR SESSION through this website (see SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION tab). Our space is downtown boutique chic so class sizes need to be properly managed as not to leave any guest disappointed.

Love and Light to you, Dear One ~ Shan


Out in Nature, of course.

Shannon, 2015



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Pricing + Teacher Spotlight

Your Wellness Menu for Yoga

HH&H Yoga + Wellness Studio


$15 Single Drop In

$125 10 Class Card / 1-Day Yoga Retreat



New Schedule… rolling out August 12, 2019

New Schedule… rolling out August 12, 2019


HH&H Yoga + Wellness Studio


“For those of you that don’t know me my name is Liza and I live in Hanover with my husband and three kids.

I’m a huge fan of anything natural and positive. My family and I use essential oils in our house for healing and overall well being. I believe in being as positive as possible and tend to sway away from anything negative.

I’ve recently achieved my certification in Buti Yoga and I am on fire to spread this practice in our area and beyond. It has changed me for the better. Not only is it so much fun but it opens your heart and mind to something so much more than I can express. Buti is a mixture of plyometrics, tribal dance and yoga poses. The class is usually minimum of an hour and we get to enjoy some really amazing music. It involves sexy movement in the body, which then tends to enhance self confidence and a stellar afterglow! The way Buti has changed my body and has improved my whole entire life is outstanding!!! I cannot wait to share this with you too.

Beginners always welcome! In my class we sway away from any form of judgement or negative self talk. We empower each other, and come together to form a bond of support, lifting each other up in class and outside of class.

Just show up and level up!

Much love xo Liza

Liza, our spunky Buti Babe.

This is Danielle…

Hey beautiful soul,

Let me tell you a bit about this practice and myself. First I'm gunna start with my story…

When I was younger from about 14, I really struggled with my thoughts and emotions. Feelings of depression and anxiety were apart of my daily reality. Sometimes I wouldn't leave my bed for days and going anywhere public would send me into a full blown panic attack. At 19 I had hit one of my lowest points, I was hospitalized, seeing a psychiatrist twice a week, on anti-depression meds, on sleeping pills because of my nightmares. The whole experience brought me to my knees, I knew something HAD to change or things were only going to get worse. I prayed for help and it came! After moving back home I started doing yoga, tapping into my spirituality, meditating, learning about energy, attending Reiki trainings, and always looking to learn how to tap into the feeling of unconditional love. Fast forward to today, I have a self practice that I lean into, especially when I'm triggered, when old story's of hurt and pain come up. I learned so much over the years of doing the inner work and growing. I am a women who loves her self, who stands in her truth, honors herself and boundaries. Getting on my mat and doing my self practice is how active meditation came to be. I LOVE yoga, breath work, and meditation! So I have been combining them for awhile now. As of late some movements and breath have just started to flow out of me. They are something I've learned but rather something I was given through doing my practice. So I have combined these movements with some of my favorite teachings that have made the biggest impact on me. And that how active meditation was born. I absolutely love this practice. It helps me step into my body out of the monkey mind chatter. Helps me drop the shit I carry around with me. Helps me step into the flow of life and unconditional love. This is why I want to share this with YOU! I know in today's age we can snap out the love flow in a second. That anxiety and depression is at it's highest peak. We all face shit storms, somedays. Life is much easier when we come together and do a practice that allows us to tap in. For me that's where it's at. Thank you for taking your time to "hear" about my journey and this practice. May I see you on the mat, and share this with you in a deeper way!

Much love, Danielle.


And, Miss Kim

Kim is new to our studio - her bio to be uploaded shortly xoxox Stay tuned….

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