Wellness Consult + Holistic Prescription

90 MINUTES $125 

Your WELLNESS is my priority!

In this session we will discuss your current state of Body-Mind-Spirit health so I can accurately compile a CUSTOMIZED Holistic Prescription for you.  Your prescription will consider optimal nutrition, digestion, rest, and personal development.

You WILL have the tools to begin to change how you feel.


Reset YOUr Health 90 Day Program

6 x 1 HR $350 • 6 x1HR + dōTERRA Essentials $600

This is a chance for you (and your family with all the tools you will learn) to experience a complete overhaul in your Body~Mind~Spirit health.

Reset YOUr Health 90 Day Program is broken down into small units that will be delivered to you in a variety of formats (print, video + conversation over our journey together). We will discuss, in depth, Holistic principles for OPTIMAL health and wellness. A complete nutrition program will be outlined, with 6 1:1 office or location visits. Participants will be given a 5-card pass to all HH&H Yoga + Wellness Studio exclusive classes + workshops offered your 90 day program. Participants will be expected to keep a journal, do some homework, and participate in their own best self.


Receive a Family Essentials starter kit from dōTERRA + 25% OFF retail prices exclusive membership! This is my best offering to date. If you plan on taking your wellness to the next level, this kit is essential! Together you will learn how this tool can change the trajectory of your vitality.

See “Gifts of the Earth” page for more on dōTERRA Essential Oils


Divination Readings

Private $25 • Group $60/hr

I have been following the light of love for quite some time. But I needed help getting to this space of ease. Divination cards such as Angel/Oracle cards, Animal Spirit Cards, or a loving Tarot deck have helped me design my life. Do you want to know what you need to move through or bring more of into your life?

Book your divination reading + begin to unravel the puzzle of life.


Reiki Sesh

75 MINUTES $60 

I love Reiki. It offers such a deep experience with your soul SELF. I start every session with an angel card/divination card reading. I ask you to bring your whole self to this appointment for optimal healing. Lay back, listen to my voice, ask your Team of guides to show up… Miracles are happening for you.


dōTERRA Wellness Workshops


A $5 deposit is required/pp to book your spot. Refunded in cash at time of workshop.

I am a passionate being! And dōTERRA Essential Oils get me all fired up!!! I have found the solution, along with a few million other homes across the globe, for my symptoms of discomfort in my body-mind-and spirit/joy space.

I have eliminated over-the-counter medications, + other toxins from our home. dōTERRA is Certified - PURE - Therapeutic grade goodness from the Earth. Allow me to assist your learning, and your best pal(s) too, with an essential oil workshop. I will teach you all I know, and WHY your family needs to make the switch.

There is always an opportunity to buy Essential Oils. Malls and even the Dollar Store, sell essential oils. Please allow me to help you embrace knowledge as your guiding decision-making principle.




For more information:

Sometimes it’s just hard to fully feel the intention from reading a website. I understand so lets chat.

Shoot me an email (shannon@holistichealthandharmony.net) and we will set up a time to chat about your Wellness goals.