Along my path I have had the pleasure of experiencing a lot of different tools for wellness. The very best is dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Gifts of the Earth, essential oils can be said to be the original healers of the planet. Since the dawn of time man, and animals, seek healing through the magic of plants. Cold pressed or steam distilled, essential oils are derived from all parts of the plant (depending the species); from root to bark, to flower and leaves. It has been documented in the story of Jesus and King Tut, that essential oils were used as the method of wellness.

It is my pleasure and joy to bring this awareness to my vibe tribe, you, my wellness seeker.

In 2015 I left my Corporate Canada lifestyle. The Company I was working for almost 15 years, was downsizing AND I was unhappy. Somewhere over the past 15 years I had experienced a great shift in needs, wants, and the way I wanted to feel BODY~MIND~SPIRIT. So, I asked to be part of the restructuring and thus, I was let go in April 2015. With that came a plethora of guilt, grief, and a need to make my business work!

The first time I experienced dōTERRA essential oils was over coffee with my gal pal Lisa. She and I met with an internet Guru that I had been following from my yoga path for years. I trusted her and when she uncapped her little samples for us, something deep inside me felt CALM. A wave of peace and grounding came over me (I later realized it was because she shared the glorious essential oil Lavender + the grounding blend Balance with me). AND THEN, EXCITEMENT…

It only took that one brief meeting to decide to buy a full starter kit for my family (we started with dōTERRA’s Home Essential kit). What the heck, right? I had nothing to lose. And, my family needed help with some medical alternatives that I hadn’t figured out on our personal journey. My mentor explained how peppermint could relieve head tension, increase energy, relieve nausea, and make my breath smell nice ALL AT THE SAME TIME! WAAAwaaa-What?

The first essential oil I tried on myself was a blend - DEEP BLUE SOOTHING BLEND. It was formulated to support deep muscle aches and pains. I used it on my bum hip and felt the glorious magic all the way to my toes! I was immediately excited and proceeded to use my family as test bunnies - errrr - human testers. Our daughter got the Essential Oil blend Breathe (Easy Air in Canada - don’t ask) on her chest and the diffuser we received with the kit + I began using Balance Grounding Blend 2 - 5x a day to relieve my grief, guilt, and overall feelings of unease (remember I left a 6 figure amazing career to pursue ME).


Since our very first purchase, I have eliminated all toxic over the counter medications from my being. I use only dōTERRA essential oils for my personal hygiene + supporting symptoms of virus/cold/aches/pains/any and all discomfort in my body, my mind, or my joy centre.

This is my greatest service to you, and your families.

I teach, you experience, your family experiences, your network experiences, and so on….

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I look forward to turning the light of pure health on to You. xo

Shan, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, CYA-200RYT, Essential Oil Educator