On December 26, 2014 I began a fundamental building block in my  journey back to Self.

Compassion Is My Compass. 

This site is more than yoga, its a journey of my soul. Welcome…

My name is Shannon, most folks call me Shan xo

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Canadian Yoga Alliance 200 HR Certified Yoga Teacher, and Essential Oil Educator.


I have fully surrendered to my inner voice, my intuition. I needed to allow fear to move past me and hear my body ~ mind and ~ soul.

  She was telling me to be brave, be courageous, and to be authentic.

I hear her whisper with every choice I make.

 In 2008, after my step-daughter's brief illness with Swine Flu + my “mini life crisis”, I began the seeking of my soul to discover “What” it was that defined ME. I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN), in a Natural Nutrition Diploma program.

Here, the blanket of awareness was lifted...

My life would be forever changed.

Obtaining a deep understanding of Holistic concepts and philosophies, I was empowered to help(heal) my family FLOURISH. And, we did just that. 

We went fully IN! Out went boxed, canned, and jarred foods. Reverse Osmosis water mechanisms were installed on the taps, Organic meats, butter, cheeses, fruit, and veg, filled our home. Allll IN, like I said. 

Pork was the first to be eliminated from my diet. I fell in love with a pig named Maurice, who spent the rest of his days at Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, ON, Canada. His untimely passing broke my heart and opened my eyes to the compassion behind sanctuaries, and their value. Boxing Day 2014 was the last time I consumed animal meat. It has been a huge shift for me, and my proudest accomplishment. I slowly gave up dairy, approximately a full year in to my “nutrition + Soul Work journey”. I still enjoy chicken eggs and some fish. I get my eggs from a local farm that has allowed me to inspect their hens - they are happy and I am thankful for their gifts. I am, however, against ALL "factory farming" of ANY soul. Animal brutality, in any form, is something that brings me to my knees, INSTANTLY. Opening my eyes to how our farm animals, sea animals, and mammals are being treated by humans was truly the hardest thing I did NOT want to do. But, I had to open my eyes and take a stand in my heart, mind, soul and spirit.  

The opportunities I have in store for you arrive from love…

Working with me includes Body~Mind~Soul EXPANSION. 

To be completely authentic meant allowing my soul to experience a radical shift in lifestyle, for me. For me.

On these pages, I offer you an opportunity to see life from a different perspective. Sit with your inner guide and decide to make radical lifestyle shifts, that will enhance your JOY! and wellness. Have the opportunity to say YES! to a business that allows you space to expand who you are. It offers body - mind - soul and financial GROWTH!

"This is a chance for you to expand WHO you are."

For 15 years, I existed in a place that did not feed my happy face, HA!

I am a firm believer of "everything for a reason" philosophy, but I also know the POWER of listening to your heart speak.

I knew I had to build a plan to get to my purpose. I continue on my crusade of love and light. My message? Make the SHIFT ! Follow a Holistic lifestyle. Be in your joy with relationships, work, family. And, intimately, with Self.

#wholelife #holisticlife

Dedicated to the 100,000s of animals I consumed with blinders. 

Here Compassion is My Ultimate Compass



My Compassion Tribe.